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today we are releasing the official companion release for SWAMP FEST – the digital / cassette “swampilation” we’ve been calling SWAMP COMP. this release features 18 tracks from different bands playing the fest, ranging in sound, location and theme. all downloads are free, but any donations made via bandcamp or the physical cassette will go directly towards paying bands and venues. enjoy and please share! 





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fest tickets are now available!! pick up a weekend pass or individual days, we’ll hold your spot & email you a receipt. stoked to see everyone in a little over a month! in similar news, we’ve also posted vol. 1 of a swamp fest companion zine for sale, check it out below. all proceeds are going right into venue fees and paying out of town bands!



GREAT DISMAL COLLECTIVE – – feel free to contact us regarding anything
Our goal is to stand as a progressive, politically aware antidote to the apathetic posturing that all-too-frequently dominates the heavy music scene. Racial diversity, gender equality, queer and trans rights, safer spaces, anti-capitalism, and non-violent creative expression of sincere emotion are all super-important to us. If they’re important to you, we hope you’ll come help us create a more broad-minded, inclusive community around the music we all love so much.